This film is part of an exhibition organized around six thematic areas Grand Palais Immersif and the Louvre Museum offer to rediscover this masterpiece through a unique interactive and sensory experience.

💡️ Direction | Nicolas Lichtle & Nicolas Autheman 🤘🏻 Art Direction, Motion design | Nicolas Lichtle

Production | Artisans d’idées | Mardi 8
Client | Grand Palais Immersif x Musée du Louvre
How the world's most famous painting was stolen, recovered in Florence and returned to the Louvre after a farewell tour of Italy.
In 1911, on the eve of its theft, the Mona Lisa was famous among painting lovers and the cultured. The thief did not choose it by chance.
But it was her disappearance for more than two years that made the Mona Lisa a very popular image.
The affair fascinated the world's press, which reproduced her image endlessly.
It was the beginning of a kind of "jocondomania" that still exists today...