🔥️🔥️🔥️ Art Direction | Illustrations | Motion design
Direction | Camille le bris
Production | Drôle de Trame
Client | Universcience, Cité des sciences, Paris

Realization of an installation for the temporary exhibition FIRE at the CITÉ DES SCIENCES ET DE L'INDUSTRIE.
composed of a film projected on a large screen, associated with a play of light highlighting models of 4 machines placed in front of the screen.
Composed of a large variety of fixed archives and drawings, cut in multi-planes and animated, the film tells how the use of the motive power
of fire led us to a thermo-industrial society.

The story is divided into 4 chronological chapters, each machine - Watt's machine, locomotive, automobile or jet engine, illustrating a decisive
step in industrial history.