︎︎︎ "Portraits of Wine" - la Cité du Vin, Bordeaux | sparkling wines | imaginary 

"Portraits of Wine" - la Cité du Vin, Bordeaux. (42 films from 45 to 90 sec.)

In the hollow of 6 giant bottles that represent the families of wine - red, rosé, white, sparkling, mutated, sweet…
Visitors are invited to discover on a "liquid" surface, the characteristics of these families of wines: its imaginary,
its history, its development, its tasting as well as singular wines.

An original interactive installation that solicits the gesture, the look, the listening and the olfactory sense!

💊️ DA | Motion design | Nicolas Lichtle | Stéphane Crouzet | Boris Cargo
Direction | Bernard Billois
Sound Design | Olivier Lafuma
Interactivity | 2Roqs | Michaël Zancan
Scientific Board | Véronique Lemoine